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How can I get support?

Publicly Funded Support

Assessments are publicly funded through TalkLink and anyone can refer a patient or they can self-refer themselves - here is the link

Some clinicians within the public health services and some within learning support system at Ministry of Education also have their CAT1 credentials.  If their service briefs allow, they too can do these assessments at no cost.


There are private Speech-Language Therapy practices which offer support with assessment, trial, implementation, or training for AAC. 

You can find a Private practice near you by checking the New Zealand Speech-Language Therapy Association page. 

Are you a Speech-Language Therapist who offers Private AAC Support? Complete the form here if you would like to be added to our website.  

I want to trial a communication device

Make a referral to TalkLink here, or talk with your Speech-Language Therapist.  

I have a device/I support someone with a device – I want to learn more

Go to our resources page – we update this regularly with links to resources, blogs and podcasts which may help you learn more. 

Check out our events page – we offer a range of professional development events and webinars. We also have links to places you can find pre-recorded webinars, and significant external events and conferences.

My device is broken

If you have a communication device which is funded through Ministry of Health, ACC, or Whaikaha, you can access TalkLink tech support, get in touch with your nearest branch:

I think I need a different device

Communication needs change over time, and technology is always being upgraded. Sometimes it's time to change the communication system you use. If you have a device that no longer meets your needs, you can make a referral to TalkLink for a re-assessment. 

I'm a professional, I want to know more about the application process

Have a look at our professionals page - this has information about Communication Assistive Technlogy (CAT) accreditation process. You need to have CAT accreditation before you can apply for Whaikaha funded communication equipment. 

If you want to talk more, have a look at our list of supervisiors.