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About Us

ATANZ aims to promote Assistive Technology by ensuring quality assistive technology service provision through the establishment and monitoring of best practice assistive technology standards.
The Assistive Technology Alliance New Zealand (ATANZ) Trust is a registered Charitable Trust (CC26828). 

Our Values

All people with disabilities have the right to assistive technology support in order to reach their full potential.

All people with disabilities have the right to be included and participate in their community.

People accessing assistive technology services have the right to the best possible service.

Geographical equity of service throughout New Zealand must be established and maintained.

Our Vision

“Every person in New Zealand who needs assistive technology, has access to excellent services and support.”

Our Mission

“Promoting excellence in assistive technology service provision in New Zealand.”

Our Strategic Plan

ATANZ wishes to provide professional development and networking opportunities
for those involved in Assistive Technology in New Zealand.