Loan Equipment

Ipad TC


Equipment in the ATANZ CAT 1 loan pool 

This equipment can be requested from Talklink, who manages the ATANZ equipment, as well as the MoH re-issued equipment and the Talklink equipment. TalkLink has a referral form to request loans of trial equipment.

The following equipment is avaliable for trial:

EchoVoice EV6 voice amplifier
12 BigPoints
5 iPad Minis with LifeProof case and strap

5 iPad with LifeProof case and strap
Predictable communication app
TouchChat with WordPower communication app
LAMP Words for Life communication app
PODD with COMPASS communication app

Little Step by Step without levels
Big Step by Step without levels
GoTalk 20+
Buddy button

Switch adapted toys
Dual switch latch & timer
Jellybeamer twist


ATANZ OT Assessment Kit

ATANZ has recently purchased equipment to provide a “switch assessment kit” for the CAT loan pool. This equipment can be requested for trial by CAT level 1 & 2 assessors to complete an initial assessment of a clients switching ability, identify potential equipment options, and assist in determining the next step for alternative access. 

HP Probook laptop
Crick box
Buddy button (small) Buddy button (large) Jellybean button

Gooseneck mounting with universal plate
Big Bang software
Switch Skills 2 software
Switch Skills for Two set 2 software Switch Skills Scanning software


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